Records and Inventory

The Iberville Parish Council Records and Storage Department houses and tracks boxes of records submitted by various parish agencies for safe-keeping until the requested time of disposal.  The tracking of the boxes of records is handled by entry of the records into a software program.  Other responsibilities assigned to this department are:  inventory control, distribution and tracking of all janitorial supplies to the various parish agencies, and maintaining the procedures for records storage and disposal.



The Records/Inventory Coordinator is responsible for handling the centralized receiving for all fixed assets and inventory purchased with Parish funds.

The Coordinator is also responsible for the consistent tracking of various records submitted by certain parish agencies, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Iberville Parish Council
  • Head Start
  • 18th JDC District Attorney
  • 18th Judicial District Judges
  • 18th JDC Public Defenders
  • 18th JDC Probation Department
  • Iberville Parish Clerk of Court
  • Iberville Parks and Recreation District
  • Iberville Parish Library
  • Iberville Parish Substance Abuse
  • Tourism Department
  • Finance Department
  • Parish Council Office
  • Iberville Parish Utility Department
  • Iberville Parish Sales Tax Department

Records Management

The Records/Inventory Coordinator tracks the disposition of records submitted by various departments through the time period designated by that department.  All records should be submitted in boxes approved by the Parish.  The boxes should be received with a Records Transmittal Form that details the contents of each box with the transmission date, disposal date, and the department and contact name.  Once these boxes are received, they are assigned an appropriate box number then entered into the records software.  In the event an authorized individual needs to retrieve a record or series of records, the Inventory/Records Coordinator will assist that individual.  The transmission of records will be tracked through a separate form that the employee will sign.  The Inventory/Records Coordinator will notify the individual when items have reached their records disposal date.


Iberville Parish will begin a centralized shipping and receiving.  All items scheduled for pickup should be tagged and tracked by the Fixed Asset Department prior to disseminating the items.  All responsible parties must sign for the Fixed Asset before taking possession.

Records Storage

Ideally, records retention schedules designate when a record series is to be sent to storage.  For record series without storage guidelines, consider the following:

   1. Active and inactive records refer to the reference rate of a record series.  As records get older, they are needed less often.
   2. Records series that are referred to more than once a month per file drawer are considered active, and are kept in the office.
   3. Records series that are referred to less than one search per file drawer per month can be sent to storage.
   4. To check the reference rate of a group of records, keep a small piece of paper on each file drawer for a few months.  Place a tally mark on the sheet each time a file is pulled from that drawer.
   5. If you sent a group of records to storage and find you are retrieving them frequently, you may wish to move them back into the office.
   6. Records that are considered of historic value should be saved in a special, secure and environmentally stable area.

Packing and Storing

   1. Storage boxes should be uniform in size.  Storage boxes are provided by the Records and Storage Department.
   2. Please do not use binders, metal brads, or large clips when storing files.
   3. Records should be kept in their original file folder or rubberbanded.
   4. Fill boxes completely, but do not pack tightly; this will obstruct file removal.
   5. Larger records and material, such as maps and drawings, may need special handling.
   6. Boxes should be clearly marked.  The Records and Storage Department will provide your office with a label to place on each box.  Black markers may be used to write on the box label.  Please write only required data as indicated on the provided label. 
   7. Do not mix records with different destruction dates in the same box.  The object is to discard the entire box of records when its retention period is met.
   8. After the boxes are filled and properly labeled, a Records Transmittal form must be completed by your department.
   9. Once you have completed the above steps, please contact the Records and Storage Department for scheduling the delivery of boxes to be stored.

Disposal of Records:

   1. Destroying records in a timely manner and according to an approved retention schedule protects the interest of Iberville Parish Government and your department.  By following the Retention Schedule in a systematic manner, the cost and time-consuming production of copies for litigation or investigations can be avoided. 
   2. The disposal of records is dictated by a retention schedule.  Records destruction will be documented on a standard form, with the appropriate individual approving the disposal.

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