The Iberville Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness helps citizens prepare for emergencies of all types in order to respond in time of crisis to save lives and property.  The staff communicates useful resources which aid the public in being aware of the risks our parish faces and knowing how to respond to an emergency situation, thereby greatly reducing the threat of injury.  The staff provides brochures and information published by government agencies pertaining to emergency preparedness.  The staff of this office judiciously plans, assigns and coordinates all available resources in an integrated program of prevention, mitigation, response, preparedness, and recovery for emergencies of any kind, whether from man-made or natural sources or enemy attack.


In time of emergency, the Iberville Parish Council Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) will:

  • Initiate practical response programs for the protection of life and property
  • Coordinate and direct all disaster services
  • Direct restoration and recovery operations in the disaster area subject to governmental authority
  • Take immediate action to direct, mobilize, coordinate and determine utilization of local resources
  • Support political subdivision in disaster operations to save lives, protect property, relieve human suffering, sustain survivors, and repair essential facilities

The Parish President, under the authority of the Louisiana Emergency Assistance and Disaster Act of 1993, Section 721-736, and the various ordinances enacted by the Iberville Parish Council, has the responsibility for meeting the dangers of the parish.  This authority includes, but is not limited to the declaration of an emergency condition within the political jurisdiction, to insure the safety and well being of every citizen is being provided for.


If you would like to register your cell phone to your address, for 911 and for emergency notifications, click on the following link and enter your information. Iberville Parish Homeland Security/E-911 utilizes First Call Emergency Notification to deliver recorded telephone messages. Since many people no longer have home phones, it has become increasingly difficult to notify the public during emergencies. Registering your cell phone to your address will ensure you receive our emergency notifications when your address is within an area affected by an emergency. This database is strictly confidential and will not be made available to any other vendors!


Online Alert Registration Form


Special Needs Assistance Form

Iberville Parish Evacuation Plan

Mississippi River Stages

Bayou Sorrel Water Levels Spillway

Bayou Sorrel Water Levels Land Side

Map of Iberville Parish With Land Elevation (in light brown)

OEP Emergency Guide Book:  Flash Floods and Floods